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Community Initiative- explore opportunities to help our community advance with positive recognition
Church Networking- create awareness of professionals/businesses within/outside the church and community
Church Welfare- addresses the needs of the members in word and deed
Family Ministries- assist families in spiritual, mental, and social growth; relationship building; help college students adjust to being away from home
Joshua Generation- male ministry that meets monthly to promote spiritual growth, wellness, and “time with brothers” with an annual/North American conference
Music Ministry-Choir- attends weekly rehearsal, sing on Sunday/special events
New Generation Champions- (age 13-17) teenage boys and girls’ drama/dance group that promotes the Word of God
Prayer Ministry- pray (prayer points/prayer requests) corporately on a weekly basis at church
Publication- responsible for designing the church bulletin/invitations, updating the Website and Facebook

Training & Development- training and developing members spiritually for service in the ministry
Ushering- direct traffic, prevent traffic, circulate bulletins, distribute tithes/offering envelopes & collect, have guests complete the guest form, keep everyone safe; seat members & guests
Welcome / Follow-up- welcome and follow-up with guests and new members

Community Initiative
95% Complete (success)95%
Training & Development
98% Complete (success)98%
Community Initiative
95% Complete (success)95%

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