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Our Origin

The Redeemed Christian Church of God Jesus House St. Louis was established on August 1st 2001 as a result of the joint efforts of honorable men of God coming together to fulfill the command of our Lord Jesus Christ that we should go ye into the world and make disciples. of him and witness about him. The first pastor of the church was Pastor and Mrs. Olufemi Omotayo assisted by the current pastor and his wife, Pastor and Mrs. Olufemi Akano. Among the first set of ministers were Pastor Niyi Aruwajoye, Deacon Idowu Ajibola, Bro. Osagbemi, Bro Lere Animashaun, Deaconess Sade Akano and Bro Justin just to mention a few.

The journey started in the living room of Pastor Olufemi Omotayo as a house fellowship center. As God is always faithful and generous to the church, the breath of God brought an enlargement to the church which necessitated its movement to a larger center at St. Vincent. Praise the Lord for the men and women of God who through their relentless effort, of setting up and packing the equipment, made the work of the ministry to strive despite all odds at St. Vincent, until God opened another door (2 Kings 6:1).

However, due to further increase, the church moved again to a building on Pershall Road. The membership grew from less than 80 people to over 120 people. Many testimonies and favor from God manifested in the works of the church and the membership soon exceeded the available space in Pershall Road. Especially in regards to the vision to have our children taught, nurtured, and cultured in the things of God by allowing them to have classes according to their age groups.

This led to another glorious move to a building at Brooks Drive (now Bomarito Car Dealership) in 2006. Later the sale of the building at Brooks Drive to Bomarito led the church to move to our present location at Hollenberg Drive. The Lord granted the church the grace to birth and establish many other parishes: Seattle, Dallas, City of God in St. Louis, and Columbia for the expansion of the kingdom agenda. Above all, the work of God still continues to flourish under the leadership of the present pastor, Olufemi Akano with a God-given vision to acquire a permanent building of 5000 members. May God Almighty grant us the strength and provision for the vision. The journey still continues, “Blessed be the Name of our God.”